Uncle Phil Life Draws

Tumblr eh? We'll try this thing out with my return to semi-regular life drawing....

Hold on tight. This is going to be a disappointing ride.
One of those nights.

One of those nights.

Pretty surreal!! ….I have some notes though.

Pretty surreal!! ….I have some notes though.

Sometimes nice things happen.  Sometimes they don’t.

At SVA I used to draw from models for 9-15 hours a week, and my work was way more sensitive.  Something happened to my life-drawing when I found myself drawing cartoons all day.  I’m not sure if it’s good or bad (probably a little of both).  

Looking at these drawings, done about a year and a half ago, I look like i’m attacking the drawing more than I would back in school (10 years ago).  I think some of the confidence is good… but maybe I’m overcompensating for my lack of focus and anatomical knowledge.  I’m supposed to know what I’m doing, right? …but I guess that’s actually the problem.  I was taught to treat the model as a miracle versus a tool.  The model/pose is not something I could ever truly know, but that I should try to experience through my drawing.

I feel my identity as a character design fighting with my identity as an artist.

huh…. kinda neat I guess.

Do people read these?  To the people reading: on a scale of 1 to lame, how do I come off?

Life drawings in which there is zero attempt to draw a model’s face/gaze are not life drawings.

these two are better than those last two, but are still sort of “not fully cooked through”.

2 more.  I hope I haven’t posted these in the past…  but whatever.

I have to find some life drawings from back when i was in the zone… these are definitely not that.  I need to get back into drawing from a model.  I thinks it;s easily the most creatively fulfilling type of drawing for me.

I started a Tumblr to focus primarily on my life drawings… at the time, I was running the Saturday workshop at CalArts and thought that would be a fun idea.  I still think it’s a fun idea, but it didn’t really work out.  I also didn’t really understand tumblr.

That being said, I photographed a few life drawings from back then and recently came across them….. the photos are worse than the drawings (part of why I think I stalled).

I’ll post some.  

For people that only follow this tumblr, I have another one here… http://philrynda.tumblr.com  

I really want to make a solid effort and post more.

Played with @frenden ‘s brushes the other day. Some I’ll totally use in there.

Played with @frenden ‘s brushes the other day. Some I’ll totally use in there.

…just thinking about megaman.

…just thinking about megaman.

Shit. Today was roooughhhh.

—me (regarding week #2)